Fantasy Football Trophy : The Maker

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Sudirman Cup trophy made of brass and gold. A lot of meaning and philosophy contained therein. Like what?

Is George Timorason, an artist from Bandung elected designing Sudirman Cup trophy. He design a lot of fantasy football trophy on everyday job. So many fantasy football trophies and fantasy football plaques is exported to Malaysia and Brunei this year. For this Sudirmans project the manufacturing process is for a month, but it only takes an hour to design the trophy idea.

“So, actually, this idea comes from contestants bids to make a trophy for Sudirman Cup football Tournamet. Then, I made the idea of ​​an hour. Create finished, it was more or less like that. This is actually the second design, I made two designs. The 1st design looks regular and so basic i think, I just input pitline figure Sudirman into it, “said George.

The trophy coated gold-colored metal, where there is a ball and a few stars in the bud. While the body of the trophy, there are eight levels plus figure of General Sudirman who were standing upright like a statue of General Sudirman in Jakarta.

According to George, her design is simple, yet full of philosophy. Eight steps, for example, symbolizes the ‘Eight Mandatory’ from TNI.

“Eight that I deliberately voting eight steps. It ‘Eight Mandatory’ military and ‘Eight Mandatory TNI on it there are also seven Sapta Marga. Thus, the’ Eight Mandatory ‘TNI can not be separated from Sapta Marga, so one form. So , is in a single device. “

Has a size of 60 centimeters, with a range of 28 centimeters, using the technique of making the trophy cast, welded to the chisel. For basic materials, George said the trophy was made of wood coated with brass plus a layer of gold.

Making the trophy, said George, did not take long. With time ideally two months, but he managed to compile the trophy only one month. George admitted there was no difficulty in the process of creating the trophy.

“It weighs light anyway, certainly not less than five kilos.”

“I’m very respectful with Sudirman. Therefore the design to be very different, not complicated, simple, but powerful content.”

“Wood was his base. Wood was the philosophy of the people. The basic ingredients which there are six construction. And construction bones of all sorts. Continue on the outside made of copper. Then, processed dipalis with brass and coated wear layer of gold. That gold right, tuh . “

How much cost dihabis used to finance the making of the trophy? George mentions a total of Rp 100 million. “Anyway approaching USD 100 million. I am a self-taught artist, but reckless plunge into the world of art,” said George.