7 Things to Never Do After a Breakup

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There are several recommendations you may follow to soothe the pain from a breakup or a divorce. So, let’s talk about things you should never do after a breakup.

Never Do After a Breakup


  1. Consider that your life is over. You are the most miserable in this world, no one will ever love you, good things will never happen to you again, life lost its meaning… And as a result – tears, swollen face, and wasted time you could have spent on something useful.
  2. Discuss him. Never tell everyone what a bastard he is, and how many flaws he has. Or the opposite – praise him and tell how excellent he was, “where can I find someone like him again?” What’s the point of living in the past? Think about the future, maybe you’ll find it if you meet elder people online at this site?
  3. Take solace. Never let anyone console you, feel for you, empathize, and just dig into your soul. This comfort only stimulates sad thoughts and memories.
  4. Keep his belongings. This is the postcard he presented to you after a month of dating, and that is his shirt he forgot from when he stayed over. Ah, youaresohappytogetherinthispicture… Stop! Out of sight, out of mind! Take everything that reminds you of him even in the slightest, put it in a big box, and mercilessly throw it away.
  5. Await his return. What if he would realize that there’s no one better than you in a whole world and how much he loves you? That’s why you should stay home and wait for him to come back. Well, no. Take care of your life and don’t waste time.
  6. Blame him for everything. Never make plans for revenge or keep grudge and hatred in your heart. And furthermore, you shouldn’t have sex with the next man you meet. This won’t bring him back, and the mental or even physical consequences of these random connections may become your
  7. Wash down the sorrow. May it be five bottles of beer while sitting on a bench in a park or maybe two quite explosive cocktails during a party – it’s all the same. Not only it is bad for your health but you risk losing control over yourself. And the possible outcome – drunk night calls to your ex-partner.

These are only a few things you shouldn’t do after a breakup. And if you really can restrain yourself from doing all this, you will be able to forget him and find your happiness faster.