5 Tricks Holidays in Bali Only $ 300

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Can still be really, holiday fun despite a mediocre budget. Because there’s promo ticket to Bali on one airline, you are too impulsive afford to leave this weekend. Yet now the old date and your budget for the holidays only $ 100

Do not immediately cancel or selling a ticket to a friend. That budget more than enough, you know, to spend a vacation in Bali over the weekend. Want to know how?

1. Do not need to luxury hotels

When you have plan to visit ubud bali, It is most convenient if you have friends or relatives in Bali that can be boarded. If not there, there are a lot of hostels, guest houses, and bed & breakfast in Bali that provides room for under $ 20 per night and usually include breakfast. This way, you can save even as the rest of the money you just need to be used to buy lunch and dinner.

Consider some places to stay frugal recommendation following:

  • Hostel World The Eco Living
  • Location: Denpasar
  • Price: $ 8


  • Cafe Locca Homestay
  • Location: Sanur
  • Price: $ 10


  • The Happy Mango Tree
  • Location: Ubud
  • Price: $ 10 per person


  • Funky Monkey Bali
  • Location: Kuta
  • Price: $ 30 per person


Or take advantage of websites like Airbnb with prices tend to be cheaper because the rent is a room in a private home or can also try Couch Surfing which offers a free stay at someone’s house as long as you do not mind sleeping on the couch.

2. Smart to find a restaurant.

There are thousands of restaurants and trendy cafes in Bali definitely want to try. But since you are a mediocre budget, forget your desire to dissipate. Time to explore the culinary street in Bali that is not less delicious nasi campur or hunting in various restaurant prices are still reasonable. If by chance you are staying in budget accommodation, usually many foreign surfers were on holiday in Bali for months already know any good place to eat, but friendly on the pocket.

Nasi Ayam Ibu Mangku Kedewatan in Ubud and Seminyak is one of the restaurants that are popular among tourists. A serving of chicken mixed rice only charged the complete price of $ 3. Spicy food lovers can also look forward Nasi Pedas Bu Andika in Tuban and eat until satisfied with the capital less than $ 5. Eat Deliciously Warung in Kuta also always filled with foreign backpackers. In addition to an affordable price, this place also serves Indonesian cuisine delights suitable name with pocket-friendly prices.

To prevent a lot of snacks, try to bring their own snacks to keep watch while you’re feel like snacking. When will bask on the beach, do not forget to bring a snack-snack included a bottle of water so you do not need to buy snacks at the stalls beachside sometimes the price can be twice that of the original price.

If you want to be more efficient, bring also some instant noodle packages for stricken brewed when you are hungry in the middle of the night or if breakfast inn turned out to be less filling.

3. Rent your own vehicle

Rather than spend hundreds of thousands per day only for the fare, why not rent a vehicle alone? To rent a motorcycle in Bali, you usually only need to spend up to $ 3 to $ 5 per day. If by chance you are on holiday with a crowd of friends in large quantities, you can rent a car at a cost of about $ 25 a day (not including the driver). If divided by 4 to 5 people, this feels more affordable cost.

4. Research before leaving

Do not let’ve come all the way to the beach which was recommended many people, the beach is a beach club, which requires you to pay $ 25 as an entry ticket. In order for this kind of incident does not, it helps you find out first information about the exciting spots you want to go before leaving for Bali. Also check the entry ticket price so that you can prepare the money first. Research easy you can do this via the Internet at the same time can also help you in preparing the itinerary.

5. Buy a package holiday from e-commerce website

Now many e-commerce websites where you can not only buy air tickets or hotel vouchers, but also a vacation package that includes accommodations, meals, transportation within the city, the entrance fee to the airline tickets. The price can vary, depending on what is offered in the package. Make sure you choose a vacation package that suit your desires and budget, of course.

If you happen to budget just $ 100, just look for travel packages that the price is right (there are even cheaper, you know). You are going to spend most or all budgetmu to buy the package, but then when I got there you had no need to spend money again. Search and book holiday packages in accordance to your budget.